Research questions

The research project that transformed into this e-resource was motivated by the following primary research question:

How is the political project of neoliberalism affecting the radical potential of politically-motivated artist collectives and how are they reacting?

While investigating this question, the following was also considered:

  • How are politically-motivated artist collectives engaging as cultural producers in the current socio-political climate?
  • How has the reformulation of the political economy affected the options available to such collectives?
  • How are they navigating the social, legal, and economic barriers intended to prevent them from expressing and disseminating radical ideas?
  • What motivates them to keep going despite the difficulty of these consequences?
  • What compromises have they made/are they trying to avoid making to ensure their capacity to work effectively?
  • How are they changing the way they obtain/secure the resources and/or partnerships necessary to do the work they have set out to do.
  • What types of new partnerships are being created between non-profit arts and social enterprise as an alternative to corporate sponsorships?
  • What networks exist to share knowledge about the creation and maintenance of alternate cultural structures? What networks helps provide solidarity?

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