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Hi everyone!

This resource has certainly been slow going, but it has been going all the same. Struggling to find adequate time and space to research and write (a common hurdle to all unfunded projects), I have still managed to produce some abbreviated versions.

The most recent version is a summary of what will eventually be Chapter 2 of this resource, “What’s up with the neoliberalization of culture?” It was presented as part of a panel discussion titled “Resistance through memory, oral history, and art” at Whose Winnipeg? Neoliberalism, Settler Colonialism, and the Production of Urban Space, which took place in Winnipeg on August 20, 2013. Please find it here: “On the neoliberalization of culture and why it matters”.

Beyond that, please find the following additional recent texts:

For a full-list of related texts and presentations, please visit: Abbreviated versions of this e-resource.



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