You’re probably here because you’ve heard about the research project I started October 2010 and am now shaping into an e-resource for activist artists and their allies about the neoliberalisation of culture and strategies for resistance. Welcome!

I originally hoped to have this ready to share by January 2012, but it appears I’ve fallen prey to the all-too-common writer-ism of delays and other slowdowns.

Attempting to reconcile this, instead of launching an e-publication all at once with a single .pdf, I’ve decided to release chapters online as I finish them, fully reserving the right to change them along the way as necessary/I see fit because this is not an exercise in the presentation of indisputable expertise. Rather, it’s a process of learning and sharing that chronicles my reading and growing understanding about the privatisation of culture, while attempting to summarize ideas and materials to make them more accessible for anyone else with similar interests and/or concerns. In other words, it’s a project with and for allies that aims to widen discussion about the role of art in our communities and lives, and the ways in can empower us in the face of increasing social, economic, political, and environmental injustice.

I’m getting quite close to releasing the first chapter, which will briefly outline the principles and history of capitalism, neoliberalism, and capitalist globalization. Understanding neoliberalism and the privatisation of culture is the first step to resisting it, which is what this e-resource is really about.

Thank you so much for stopping by – please come back soon!

All best,

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